We live in amazing times, where businesses have access to cost effective resources offshore & can run their businesses virtually from anywhere. Businesses that have traditionally needed to build teams locally, can now have a combination of offshore talent & local team which can have the following major effects:

1) More Profitable – If one third of your workforce was offshore & you saved 50% on that portion of staffing costs, the average company would unlock 5% of its total revenue to be used to drive growth, innovation or profit. The average savings on functional roles is 50-70%, if done the right way. So you do the math!

2) Reduced overheads – The 50-70% mentioned above is all-in, including office, internet, staff benefits etc. Again, adding to your bottom line & reducing the need for local Human Resources functions.

3) Global Thinking – It’s proven – Those businesses that have global teams, have better communication, cultural standards & innovation practices.

4) Global Presence & Impact – Having a global business means you need to think bigger. The net effect of this is usually global expansion & using your business to make a difference in the world.

How do we know this to be the case?

Outsource To Scale is the methodology created by Outsourcing & Offshoring experts Monty MG Hooke & Genevieve Ryan. Having built a successful outsourcing company ‘Ezy VA’, & having worked with over 600 companies on a consultative level & facilitating the growth of their teams offshore in Philippines, we’ve seen behind the curtains of a lot of companies. This has given us some incredible insights into what businesses who scale easily are doing, & on the flipside, what are the patterns that hold businesses back from growing.

Having collected data & experiences for more than 5 years, we’ve now perfected the methodology which takes SME’s through an exact process to ensure the success of scaling the offshore team. Offshoring can be minefield, & an absolute disaster (& financial catastrophe) if not done the right way. Done using best practice, you’ll have a more scalable, global & financially rewarding business.

The Methodology

The process we take businesses through has six major parts

1. Redefine

This starts with facilitating a strategic workshop with the stakeholders in your business to understand your targets & business objectives. From this, we will create a defined pathway to scale & weave together the offshoring/outsourcing component into the fabric of your business.

2. Relegate

This is where we start the process of deconstructing your business & re-engineering it to include your offshore team. One of our major objectives here is to ensure all key players in your business are as highly leveraged as possible, adding the most value to the business they can by working on nothing but the highest value activities.

3. Recruit

The work we do at the “Relegate” step is critical in making sure we are recruiting the right people for the right reasons. This is where we see the success & failure of businesses in who & how they recruit. Recruiting offshore needs a new set of tools & resources which we work closely with you on to make sure you get the best talent possible.

4. Retain

Too many business treat outsourcing as “external” and thus lose control of that division of their business. We believe in using your offshore team as an extension of your local business, embedding the same culture, environment & level of performance. Being offshore though requires some custom processes to manage communication, performance & management – These are the systems & frameworks for building “high performance” offshore teams we’ve developed over the past five years which are industry leading best practices.

5. Re-Engineer

As your entire organisation & offshore teams scale, you’ll need to focus on innovation & process improvement to keep up with the growth & ensure you have a well-oiled machine that is scalable.

6. Resolve

The end result of all of this, done correctly, is a profitable, global business that ultimately has a positive impact on the planet. What is the purpose that drives you forward? What is the big problem in the world you are using your business as the vehicle to solve?

Whilst outsourcing might seem separate to this conversation, to us its very real. Because we’ve seen the results of what happens when you use this framework & best practices in ‘Outsource To Scale’, coupled with a purpose that drives you – And it’s big!

Who Is This For?

In 2017, we are offering this service to only a handful of new clients who match our values & criteria. These are:

1) You must be a business already doing at least $500,000 a year in revenue & in a position to scale up.

2) You must have an “early adopter” mindset & have an edge in your industry that sets you apart from the rest.

3) You must be passionate about using your business as a force for good & making a difference in the world.

4) You must be ready to adopt new thinking & bust the paradigms of the “old way” of growing your teams.

5) You must willing to travel to Philippines at least once per year as part of having a global team.

If this is you, we want to hear from you.